Friday, 18 April 2014

Spring Style

So today I bring you my spring style, a few Instagram snaps I've shared this past month of my outfits for the day! I love Instagram its my holy grail for all my fashion inspiration, so whenever I piece together a cute outfit, its straight on there! It's difficult with the weather being up and down nowadays to know how to dress for the day ahead, hopefully I can give you a bit of inspiration! Remember, follow me on Instagram: louiseylouise94!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Foundation Review: Clinique Anti Blemish Foundation

Another review for you today, as an acne sufferer we have to be very careful picking and choosing our foundations. This stuff is going to sit on our face for a long time, and this can lead to ridiculous break outs if we choose the wrong foundation. So I wanted to bring you a review of my staple foundation. I have used no other foundation, and have been addicted to this one for well over a year now. (I should have it on repeat!) 

Clinique Anti Blemish Foundation

Like I said before my foundation has to prevent break outs, and this has never broke me out. The acne I get is hormonal, don't get me wrong it does not clear up your acne this foundation is not a miracle! However this foundation isn't the cause of my acne!

This is a liquid foundation and it has amazing coverage, to but it simply I don't really bother with concealer and I have a lot of acne scarring. It does a fab job of evening out your skin tone and toning down dark marks, if you want more coverage I often layer up the product on my areas that most need it. 

Its a pricey foundation at around £23 from Debenhams and Boots. However it lasts such a long time, and a little goes a long way (The phrase we love to hear!). If you suffer from acne and are sick of heaping tonnes of foundation, concealer and powder on to try and cover it, please try this out it doesn't disappoint.

The only down side to this foundation is, that it doesn't last all day you probably get a good 7 hours out of it before you need to add some powder to your face or use blotting sheets however my skin is oily so it could just be me? If you have dry skin I would probably say it'd last a bit longer.

- Louise Elizabeth Harrop x

Monday, 17 March 2014

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Review

So today to brighten up your tiresome Monday mornings I bring you a beauty review! So for a while now I've been on the search for a new cleanser, basically I'd got bored of my other cleanser that I used before (Garnier Pure Active Deep Clean Cream Face Wash). There was nothing wrong with it to be honest, just fancied a change. So! I did my research as us bloggers do, and found this ultimate gem of a cleanser.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, Hot Cloth Cleanser

So to give you a some quick info about the product. This cleanser is a cream, you basically use one pump of the product (it lasts very long) and massage it onto a dry face. Afterwards you use the Muslin Cloth (you get two provided in the starter kit) run it under hand hot water and squeeze out until its damp and then begin to polish the cleanser off your face with circular motions!

This may sound silly but if you have a small sink in your bathroom, this product is fab as you aren't having to splash water over your face. With a small sink at home whenever I use a face wash, I am drenched. Also, this cleanser really gives you a deep clean, all the make up you have worn throughout the day is brought out of your skin and you see the results on your cloth afterwards. I tend to wash my cloths after two uses (recommended three) its entirely down to you! 

I highly recommend this product for making sure your skin is really clean, it doesn't dry or add excessive oils to your skin (hallelujah as i'm a acne, oily, combo skin sufferer) and the bottle lasts a good amount of time. I'm onto my second bottle now, and at around £13 you really can't fault this product. (Useful tip, if you order of Liz Earle you get a free sample of the cleanser which is perfect for travel use)

- Louise Elizabeth Harrop 

Friday, 28 February 2014

Guest Blog Post

Today I bring you a guest blog post from my fellow fashion student friend Emily Audsley, this little insight into her wild thoughts will leave you questioning your styling techniques! Be warned!

The Titanic of ALL Mannequins

'So Topshop is shutting, and with nowhere else to go I tag along with my mum to Debenhams. After my mum pulls out a dress resembling a confused, dairy farm milkmaid, she redeems herself by presenting an ‘alrightish’ playsuit to me. In utter disbelief that this ‘alrightish’ garment was from quiz, I go over to look at the product in the wall. That was the very moment I lost all faith in fashion retail!  Like literally had heart palpitations.

‘Cue montage of Debenhams and play scary music as we zoom in on the god-awful concession-QUIZ’

As a previous sales advisor in the retail industry and a current fashion student I have the right and responsibility to confirm that this mannequin is horrendous. The playsuit, it’s dull but on trend, even if the blue is the same colour as my High School school jumper. The eye-gauging problem is the blind, cretinous creature that paired it with a silver necklace and diamond, dangly earrings. 
So what is wrong with this I hear you ask, well. 
1. If you having a Peter Pan collar on a playsuit in what universe do you need a necklace and dangly earrings? Not studs (which would be perfectly acceptable). Dangly earrings.
2. The playsuit is smart casual, the jewellery is prom/wedding-its like putting a tiara on a tramp!
3. Also! The playsuit is dull. Whereas the jewellery is bright enough to attract a magpie who will hopefully eat the wretched presentation of this ‘alrightish’ playsuit. 

A mannequin is supposed to sell the garment and needless to say I didn’t buy the playsuit. But hey, it’s Wakefield, it rains, were all wet, and we just spent a fortune parking in trinity walk. '

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Back to blogging!

I have really neglected my blog over the past few months! But i've been so busy with uni deadlines, a busy christmas and work. So now i'm back on full form and back to blogging (yay!)

To kick of my new year blog posts I wanted to give you a quick sum up of the spring/summer 2014 trends that us bloggers are getting our hands on early! So the trends I think are most important for your wardrobes are Fondant Fancies, Art School, Freaky Florals and Gap Yeah!

Fondant Fancies: Is a fresh approach to last years pastels, a bolder look that mixes all textures. The likes of Burberry have approached this trend with lace and embellishment. Its a ice cream pallet full of powder blues, lemon, lime, and baby pink with a bolder edge.

Art School: Is your 90's freak kind of trend, mixing monochrome and bold primary colours with slogan tee's and heavy pattern. This trend is really how you style it, contrast not compliment! So dig through your old wardrobes and see what hidden gems you can find!

Freaky Florals: This has to be one of my fav's! This spring summer its about contrasting and its certainly no exception with this trend. Think matching floral with floral. Its really easy to pull of, every girl has a secret floral obsession so mix it all up!

Gap Yeah: Think global traveller, african prints, fluro colours, embroidered edges and of course fringing! This trend is always around but this spring summer it will flourish. Separates work well with this trend, especially your bralet and short combo.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tartan Crazy...

The tartan trend is all over this autumn winter season, not only is tartan for your typical skirt but now you’ll find it in anything from hair scrunchies to cocoon coat and scarfs to printed trousers. Dare I say it, I think we’ve gone tartan crazy! But my main purchase has to be my tartan scarf, many bloggers will have the seen the lusted over Zara tartan scarf, thick and cosy yet bang on trend but unable to fork out the cash for that pricey piece I scouted the hughstreet and found this one!

Priced at a mere £5 from the one and only Primark, I must say I was very pleased. I’ve worn it almost every day (tartan crazy over here!) with my green parka for winter casual days and dressed up with a white shirt and leather pants! It’s definitely a statement piece for the winter! So grab your tartan girls! 

- Louise Elizabeth Harrop x

Friday, 25 October 2013

Daisy by Marc Jacobs & Just Pink by Next, The Review

Afternoon! So today I thought I'd do a little perfume review, buying perfume is always a gamble and you can spend forever sniffing samples til your nose explodes! Prices can also sway your choices, so i've chosen my favourite high end and high street perfume and I thought i'd tell you a little about why I love them so much...

Daisy by Marc Jacobs
This perfume is loved by a lot of people, its such a popular perfume and I genuinely think its down to a) the bottle, look at it! its so cute, flowery and matches the scent perfectly which brings me onto b) the scent, its a beautiful floral smell thats not too overpowering like some on the market its sweet and fresh which makes it appeal to a lot of ladies! It can retail at around £60 for a larger bottle like mine so it's a little bit of a splurge but an early Christmas present wouldn't go a miss?!

Just Pink by Next
I've always bought this perfume, the shape of the bottle has changed over the years and now this cute shaped heart is simple which mimics the scent very well. The scent is fresh but simple its not overloading and very similar to the Daisy perfume scent wise, however with Just Pink you won't get as much wear out of it as it's not as long lasting as Daisy. However if your anything like me, who piles on the perfume til I stink out the house, then you'll do just fine! It retails at £12 which is an utter bargain for perfume!

I tend to wear the Just Pink by Next as an everyday use, its fresh and you'll get your moneys worth. Daisy by Marc Jacobs is my go to when I'm going out on a night out, for a meal or to a fancy occasion, because with a price tag like that I can't afford to be spraying willy nilly! But with the Marc Jacobs you don't need to spray half as much as the Next perfume so they work well together.
Let me know if you've tried these perfumes! 
- Louise Elizabeth Harrop